Vaishali is currently a city in the state of Bihar. The city is now an archeological site. A city is also a place of worship for revered Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains. The village is an important religious and attract historical attraction and is visited by tourists year after year. Lord Mahavira Swami of Jains was born in this city. The city is considered to be the first republic in the world.

According to the Mahabharata, Vaishali was named after King Vishal. The footsteps of Lord Rama in the Ramchaura temple also form a strong connection for the Hindus. In this city, Lord Buddha gave his last sermon. Lord Buddha has spent a significant time of his life here. Even before the advent of Buddhism and Jainism in this city, the Republic of Vaila was the capital of the Lichchavi state. Vailali is also famous as the land of Amrapali, the great Indian prostitute, who appears in many folktales as well as in Buddhist literature.

Visiting place in Vaishali 


Ashoka pillars

 Ashoka pillars

These pillars constitute important monuments of Indian architecture, most of them featuring Mauryan Polish. Ashoka’s Pillar is a series of pillars spread across the Indian subcontinent. King Ashoka converted to Buddhism after the assassination of Kaligan. He built one of his famous Asokan pillars in Vaishali. Next to the pole is a brick stupa and a lake that is perfect for making a holy place for Buddhists. There are small kunds here known as Ramkund.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

 Vishwa Shanti Stupa 

The World Peace Stupa was excavated in 1969. The stupa was built by the Buddhist Vihar Society in collaboration with the Government of Japan. This stupa is a huge, white, beautiful stupa surrounded by dark greenery, peace, and a lake. Next to the World Peace Stupa is a tank known as the Abhishek Pushkarni Coronation Tank. A museum is located on the premises of the stupa. Which exhibits artifacts found during excavations.

Ramchaura Mandir

Ramchaura Temple is a Hindu temple located in Hajipur city next to Vaishali. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. According to local mythology, the city dates back to Rama’s time. It is believed that Lord Rama visited this place on the way to Janak. This temple is celebrated every year with the joy of Lord Rama. A fair is organized here every year on Ram Navami.

Vaishali Museum

The Vaishali Museum was established in 1971 by the Archaeological Survey of India. This historic museum is an amazing place to gather the knowledge of the earliest human inhabitation,culture-tradition, the reign of regional dynasties, Buddha and his teachings, and other things about Vaishali. The Archaeological Museum is the place that showcases the ancient discoveries made by historians.

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