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Muzaffarpur is a city located in the state of Bihar. The city of Muzaffarpur is situated on the banks of the Burhi Gandak river along the Bagmati and Lakhandai rivers. The most notable language spoken here is Vajika while Hindi is used for official purposes. It is the fourth most populous city in Bihar. Muzaffarpur is famous for the royal lychees produced here. Muzaffarpur is also called the Lychee Kingdom. The city of Muzaffarpur is named after the revenue officer Muzaffar Khan. The region is dominated by Hinduism, Islam, and Nepali culture.

Visiting place in Muzaffarpur 

Baba Garibnath Temple

Baba Garibnath Temple

Baba Garibnath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Baba Garibnath Temple is also known as the Second Vaidyanath. The temple is believed to have had a banana tree and a Shivling was found inside when the owner tried to cut it down. That night, the owner had a dream come true to Baba Gabrinath and ordered him to build a temple on the spot and install the Shivling found by him in the temple. The Baba Garibnath temple is especially crowded during the holy month of Shravan.

Khudiram Bose Memorial

The Khudiram Bose Memorial was built 18 years ago as a tribute to Freedom Fighter Khudiram Bose. The boss was hanged along with Praful Chaki, then a judge of the British Sessions Court in Muzaffarpur, for bombing Kingsford in 1908. Due to which he became the youngest martyr of the Indian independence movement. He was one of the first freedom fighters of Bengal to be hanged by the British.

Ramchandra Shahi Museum

The Ramchandra Royal Museum was built in 1979. The Ramchandra Royal Museum is a place to visit for people of all histories. Ancient pottery, artifacts, and intricate sculptures like Manasa Nag and Ashtadikalpal are on display here.

Devi Mandir

An idol of Mother Adishakti has been installed in this temple. The temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeth, small shrines, and big temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti in all her forms. The temple was established on 28th June 1941 by Umashankar Prasad alias Bacha Babu after completing the ceremony on the third day of Asha Shukla Paksha. On Sunday, the first form of the mother will be worshiped in the temple by Shailaputri.


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