Aguada Castle was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. The fort is located at the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. The crumbling ramparts of the fort are located on Sinquerim Beach. It is about 18 km away from Panaji.

The fort was built in 1612 to protect against the Maratha Empire and the Dutch. At that time it was a reference point for ships coming from Europe. Initially, it was assigned to the defense of the shipping of the nearby Bardez sub-district.

Why its name Aguada?

Inside the fort a freshwater spring supplied water to the ships that had stopped there. Hence its name Aguada which means watery in Portuguese.

Its History and Origins

Ships frequently came to replace or replenish the freshwater store. A four-story lighthouse was built by the Portuguese in 1864 on the Aguada fort. This type of fort is as oldest in Asia.


Cannons – Aguada Fort

Built-in 1612, it had 79 cannons at one time. It has the largest water storage of all-time in Asia and it has the capacity to store 2,376,000 gallons of water.

The fort is divided into 2 parts upper and lower. In which the upper part acts as a watering station and fort, while the lower part gives service as a safe mold for the Portuguese ship.


Aguada Fort Lighthouse

There is also a hidden way to use it in times of war and crisis. Upstairs are the gunpowder room, lighthouse, groundwater storage chamber, and bastions. In the initial stage, the lighthouse is used for light emission once in 7 minutes. Fort Aguada repurposed for use as a prison, political opponents, some claim during the Salazar Administration.

The fort has also been used as a prison. In front of the prison, there is a statue saluting the freedom fighters And giving the fort a touch of patriotism.

The hill and the beach area at a distance of 4 km. This distance can be covered by renting a motorcycle or taxi from any nearby beach. Motorbike rent is between INR 400 – INR 500 per day. However, by haggle, you can get it at a fairly cheap price. for any hiring vehicle, Valid driver ID, and proof of identity is mandatory. There is also an alternative route with a distance of 2 km. Is made up of sidewalks, however, making it a fairly straight climb.

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