Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand and the fourth largest city in the region. Ranchi was the center of the Jharkhand movement, which sought to create a separate state for the tribal areas of South Bihar, North Orissa, West Bengal, and the eastern part of the present-day Chhattisgarh.... more

Hazaribagh is a beautiful village in Jharkhand. The village has beautiful lakes and forests. The forests in Hazaribagh are mostly obscure and in their best and purest form filled with greenery. There are strong rocky hills that are lush green with a touch of mud and rocks. It is the divisional headquarters... more

Netarhat is located in the state of Jharkhand. This is a hill station. This hill station is also known as the “Queen of Chhotanagpur“. Netarhat is also famous for its Netarhat Residential School. The school was established in 1954. Netarhat in the Latehar district of Jharkhand... more

steel plant Jamshedpur is a city in the state of Jharkhand. The city is the most populous city in the state of Jharkhand. Jamshedpur is the eighth-largest steel producer in the world, as well as India’s first planned city. With its industrial growth, Jamshedpur has made its... more

Deoghar Deoghar is a holy city located in the state of Jharkhand. The temple is considered to be a sacred place of Hinduism. Here is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Hinduism. The city has archaeological and historical value. The sacred temples of the city make this place for pilgrimage... more

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