Chhattisgarh, created on 1st November, 2000 is the twenty-sixth state of India. Centred in the heart of India, it was carved from Madhya Pradesh, its parent state. The natural beauty of the state combined with ancient caves and the unique tribal population make it a popular tourist destination.Some of the major tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh include Kawardha, Chitrakote Falls, Kanker, Bhoramdeo, Bastar, Champaran, etc. The state is famous not just for its sightseeing places, but is also the birthplace of many kingdoms and empires, amongst which the Mauryas were the most prominent of all.While Kawardha offers a tranquil retreat with a blend of nature and glimpse of tribal life, the Chitrakote Falls in the Bastar district, attracts people with its 100 meter fall. Bhoramdeo, on the other hand is popularly known as the Khajurahao of Chhattisgarh. The sculptures and intricately carved monuments make this a perfect destination for art lovers.Champaran, the birthplace of Swami Vallabhacharya is another tourist place in Chhattisgarh that attracts people from all over.

1. Mahamaya Temple:

Mahamaya Temple was built by the king Ratansen of the Kalachuri Dynasty in 1050 AD. This temple is situated towards the east of Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh. The main deity  here in this temple is the Goddess Durga. Theis temple is well-maintained by a body of organised administrators., who look after the administration of different religious sites in the town.

Sidh Shakti Peeth Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir Trust is engaged in supervising the financial and managerial activities in the temple. The best time to visit this temple is during Durga Puja and Navratri., when the temple is decorated with lights. Tourists can board a take train till Anuppur Junction Railway Station to visit this beautiful temple in Ambikapur.

2. Thinthini Patthar:

Thinthini Patthar is a cylindrical rock, which measuringes around 200 quintals and is located in the Surguja District. When the rock is striked, it gives a metallic echo, which is considered to be divine. by the local inhabitants. For striking this rock, travellers can use a solid material that gives strong metallic sound.

Different types of sounds can be heard by striking different sides of this Thinthini Patthar. The rock is situated near Ramgarh and Sita-Bengra and can be reached by auto rickshaw, taxis or bus from Ambikapur.

3.   Jogimara Caves:

Jogimara Caves are located in the Surguja District in the state of Chhattisgarh. These caves are around 10x6x6 feet in dimensions and age back to 300 BC. There are many paintings of animals, human beings, birds and flowers on these caves. Each painting is painted on the white base plaster with a red outline.

There are around 7 different paintings of elephant figures and human fish on the roots of these Jogimara Caves. Tourists can also find certain inscriptions on the walls of these caves, which could be counted as the world’s first messages of love. These messages depict the intense love story between Devadutta and Sutnuka.

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