The most obvious reason to travel to the Andamans is to let oneself go completely, to recharge the body and collect new ideas. The Andaman Islands, despite lying more than 1,000 km east of the Indian mainland and only about 300 km west of Bangkok, run the same time as Delhi i.e. the Indian Standard Time. On a trip to these islands, one should make sure to bring a lot of good books, some strong sun lotion, a hammock and snorkeling equipment.

Places of Tourist’s interest at Nicobar

Nicobar is rich in greenary and have a pollution free environment. Gardens, clean, fresh and virgin beaches are appealing. It is a paradise for tourists who are nature lover. Some of the very important spots are:-

Indira Point

It was formerly known as Pygmallion Point and is the southernmost tip of India which earlier beleived to be Kanyakumari. Gaint leatherback turtles are the thing of interest at beaches near Galathia. It may take 50-60 hours of journey from Port Blair by sea.


It is 425 Km by sea and is a tiny island of Nicobar. The new millenium was heralded with the first sunrise here only on 1st January 2000. The island consist of enchanting and beautiful beaches at East bay, Jhula and west bay.

It is out of the bounds of foreigners and Indians are proper permission can visit here. Though all the Nicobar islands are out of bound of foreigners at present.

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