Burhanpur is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is located on the banks of the river Tapti. Burhanpur is a historical city. Burhanpur also served as the capital of the mighty Mughal Kingdom and is a city famous for its fascinating heritage. Mumtaz died at the birth of her child in the city for the reason that the Taj Mahal was built. The Queen who immortalized love was buried here, waiting for the completion of her famed tomb in Agra.

Burhanpur was an important city under the Rashtrakuta dynasty during 753-982. The city was renamed Burhanpur during the medieval period. The city is named after the Sufi saint, Burhan-ud-Din.In 1388, Burhanpur was discovered by Sultan Malik Nasir Khan, the Farooqi dynasty of Khanesh. The fort here is mainly from the reign of the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Visiting place in Burhanpur

Asirgarh Fort

The fort is located in the Satpura range. Asirgarh Fort is an Indian fortress. The fort was built in the 15th century by Zamindar Naun as Asha Ahir of the Amir dynasty. This fort is a collection of 3 forts known as Asirgarh,  Karmargarh, whereas the third part is called Malaygarh. This fort is also known as an impregnable fort. The fort seeks to pass through the Satpuras which connect the valleys of the Narmada and the Tapti rivers. This fort is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. The fort is used as a place of worship for Ashvatthama in the Mahabharata, which is still worshiped by Hindus as the guardian deity of the mountain

Shahi Qila

Shahi Qila

The fort was built by the Farooqi rulers. The Shahi Qila also called the local ‘Bhulbhulaiya‘.Shah Jahan became so fond of the fort that it was here, in Shahi Qila that he establishes his court for the first three years of his ascending the throne. The main attraction in this palace is the hamam or royal bath. This was built primarily for Shah Jahan’s wife, Begum Mumtaz Mahal.


Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

The Jam Masjid was built during the reign of Farooqi. A monument and a worshipping place combined makes this place one of the most sought after attractions in the heart of Burhanpur – the Jama Masjid. The Jama Masjid also has three rounds of Kapol. There is some gorgeous art on the symmetrical columns of this monument and all this is very well preserved. The construction of this mosque took a long time and after the death of Farooqi leader Adil Shah, Emperor Akbar inspected and completed the work of the mosque.




This Dargah is built in the memory of Sayyid Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin, a Daudi Bohra saint who was buried in Burhanpur, India. Dargah-e-Hakimi, Daudi Bohra is a holy place for Muslims. It is built of pure white marble which makes it an excellent example of Mughal architecture. The area around the mosque is so clean that the locals call it “Chota Amreeka”.

Zenana Hammam

The most important and beautiful part of the remains of the royal fort is the hammam of Zenana. Space is a mix of home and Persian and culture style. An image of  Zenana Hammam resembles the Taj Mahal and is considered the blue Impressions of an extraordinary monument.

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