candolim-beach-goa6  Candolim is a census town in North Goa,Candolim is the most popular Beach in Goa. Its a popular tourist attraction. The main Candolim Road is packed with shops and restaurants,but the beach front is free of any commercial activity apart from some water activities. The electronic dance music festival, is held on Candolim Beach.

The beach has quite a number of shacks and beach restaurants that serve tasty dishes and drinks. Accommodation is also offering in Candolim there is many Hotels and guest house and resorts.

A fascinating feature about the Candolim Beach is
the ship River Princess, which has been stuck at the shores of the beach since 2000 and ever since become quite a tourist attraction in itself. Candolim Beach is near to Panjim Capital

of goa.
Many places are amazing in Candolim city are as bellow :

1.Fort Aguada: Fort Aguada occupies most formidable and impregnable of the Portuguese. This spot is highly popular for watch the sunset. A stunning feat of engineering. The Fort is build in 1612 for defense again Dutch, among and othe Aguada Fort rs.


The fort Aguada open all the day from 9:30am to 6:00 pm. The Aguada fort also numbers among its splendours a four storeyed lighthouse.It once used oil lamps to emit a beacon of light once every seven minutes, which was later upgraded to emit light every 30 seconds.

No visit to the Fort is complete without a visit to the Church of St. Lawrence, patron saint of sailors. Built just on the outskirts of fort, this was one of the tactics used by the Portuguese to prevent their bastions from being fired upon at close range.

The old Central Jail at Aguada is very well known not only as a prison but for its history and heritage, Much like Alcatraz in San Francisco, Charles Street Jail in Boston, Oxford Jail in England, Cellular Jail in Andaman and the Dhagshai Jail in Himachal Pradesh

2. Sinquerim Beach : The smaller beach situated where the Candolim Beach ends by taking a turn is known as the Sinquerium Beach. Sinquerim has plenty of activities in the water too. The watersports on Sinquerim beach include:

  • Boat rides : Take a tour of the coastline around Sinquerim and discover hidden coves that were used by smugglers, see the massive profile of the Aguada Fort as would appear to potential sea-borne invaders and spot the occasional dolphin.


  • sinquerim_2db687a7_b
  • Water scooters rentals : For the more adventurous lot, play Bond or bad and ride the waves on powerful water scooters. You can choose to ride solo or be chauffeured. Ride solo.


    Sinquerim was never known for it’s nightlife; until the Sunburn Music Festival came along. Sinquerim now has some of the best nightclubs in Goa. Sinq, a recently opened club is extremely popular and just as expensive.









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