The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is built between 1544 and 1547, in Old Goa. It’s a Catholic Church. The Church is part of the World Heritage Site of Goa Churches and Convents. 

History of Church 

A small chapel was built in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, According to the legend. When Afonso de Albuquerque received the message that Goa has been conquered by the Portuguese in 1510, he was ordered to build the Church.  according to Gaspar Correia, by master-builder Antão, Nogueira de Brito on Monte Santo, the Church was designed. Many people already lived in Monte Santo and after 30 years the Portuguese rulers recognized that the settlement requires to Implant a separate parish with its church.

Catholic church

Catholic church

So the Church began to be built in 1543, as well as the Church of Our Lady of the Candles and the Chapel of Santa Catarina. Thus Goa became the capital of its colony with three Portuguese Churches and three parishes. Information about this construction is not clear, but according to the 1774 document state officials were in the Church.

Panaji, the ancient city of Goa was renamed New Goa in 1843, officially becoming the administrative headquarters of Portuguese India. Due to the location of the Church, it is very far from the center of the original city of ancient Goa, building was de facto so the status of the Church has not changed. the Church’s importance was lost because of the transfer of the capital from Old Goa to High building New Goa. However, the Church was renovated in 1897-1899.

The Church as a World Heritage Site in India

As part of the ensemble “monasteries and churches of Goa“, In 1986 the UNESCO declared the Church as a world heritage site. The Portuguese Monument Database, which also includes monuments from previous Portuguese colonies, this church entered with the number is also registered with the number N-GA-6, In the database of the Archaeological Survey of India

This Church is also considered to be one of the oldest preserved buildings in Old Goa. This is a building that still has medieval construction and architectural elements. The facade of the Church has three floors and two stored porticos, part of which is crowned with a cross. The Church has two chapels and consists of the main altar and the two-sided altars, with three altars and a single navel.

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