Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

In 1661, The church was built by the Portuguese Viceroyalty of India. However, the original church began as a small chapel, renovated into a church in 1521, and consecrated it in 1602. The building was constructed by the current constitution, which built-in 1661.

The Church is located in the main square of Old Goa, 10 km east of Panaji, the state capital of Goa. It was founded by eight Portuguese Franciscan friars who landed in Goa in 1517.


In the central structure, there is a statue of St. Michael, and the three-tiered facade has an octagonal tower on each side. The main entrance is decorated with a rosette band and circular pilasters. The statues of St. Peter and St. Paul are seen below, while the main altar has a huge statue of Jesus above the tent, St. Francis of Assisi and on the cross. The navy’s sidewalls are lined with painted panels depicting scenes from the life of St. Francis of Assisi.

Chapel of Saint Catherine

Chapel of Saint Catherine

Chapel of Saint Catherine

Chapel St. F. Catherine, located in old Goa, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built-in 1510 according to the Baroque architectural style and it has a brown and white facade. It has a view of the Mandovi River. This combination is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India along with other monuments. However, the chapel is no longer functional. 


It was built in 1510 by Afonso de Albuquerque. It has been erected to commemorate St. Catherine’s Day in Goa to commemorate his triumphant entry. 

In 1534, Pope Paul III granted it cathedral status, and then it was rebuilt. In 1550, the area of ​​the chapel was expanded by order of governor Jorge Cabral Also installed a new altar.

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