Kasauli city is located in Solan district. The city was founded by the British Raj in 1842 as a Colonial Hill Station. Kasauli is a major attraction for trekkers and campers. Kasauli is nestled among beautiful forests of pine, vegetation, and cedar. Kasauli was built by the British. Kasauli is now also used as an army camp. Remains of British heritage can be found in the local architecture of Kasauli.

Visiting place near Kasauli 

Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanakji

The Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Ji is located in the Garkhal bazaar near Kasauli. This Gurudwara is an important religious center as well as a favorite tourist spot.

Baptist Church

The church was founded under British rule. The church was built by the British in 1923. The construction of this church is a mixture of Indian and Victorian styles.

Monkey Point

Monkey Point

Monkey Point is one of the best and most scenic places to visit in Kasauli. This place is the most famous. There is a Hanuman temple at the top here. There is a belief that Hanumanji took this rest while carrying Sanjeev’s herbs. This place is located in the middle of Kasauli.

Sunset point

Kasauli has not only Sunset Point but also Sunrise Point. It is Formerly known as Hawa Ghar. Sunset point is also called Lover’s Lane.

Christ Church

The church was built in 1853. The architecture of this church shows the grandeur of the architecture. This church has beautiful Italian and Spanish stained glass windows depicting Christ, Mary, Saint Barnabas, and Saint Francis and is a beautiful structure to look at. At the top of the church is a clock still works on Mechanical gears and now in the Limca Book of Records for being the oldest working Tower Turret Clock in India.

Gurkha Fort

A fort was built in 1900 by Gurkha Army Chief Amarsinh Thapa. This fort is the only fort that stands at an altitude of 4500 feet. The main motive behind the construction of this fort was to fight against the British Army during the Anglo-Nepal war. The Gurkhas lost the war so the fort was owned by the British government. Inside the castle is a 180-year-old top that was once used in battle.

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