Hatu Peak (11000 ft asl) is the highest peak in the area. Trekking all the way upto the peak can be an interesting half day trek upto 8 kms oneway, is located at an elevation of 3400 m/12000 ft above sea level and is the highest summit in Shimla/Narkanda region of Himachal Pradesh, India.. Hatu Peak is one of the most popular among adventure lovers especially trekkers and bikers and is One of the most wonderful tourist spots. From the top of the peak, the deep furrows of the valleys make for interesting views. A truly intrepid climber could turn approaching the summit into a multi-thousand meter bushwack through dense pine forests that are predominant on the usually fairly gentle hill sides.

Hattu_Peak Hatu Peak is surrounded by Himalayan Ranges and it is one of the most fascinating attractions of Narkanda town. For the rulers of the erstwhile hill states, Hatu Peak was of great strategic importance because of its commanding position. It was accepted as a boundary between the states. The peak is surrounded by dense woods. The area has forests of fir and spruce, with a smattering of maple, aspen and cedar trees. Folks from various parts of the world come to Shimla and plan overnight stay around Hatu Peak. Hatu Peak is around 7-8 km total uphill drive from the Narkanda town. There are multiple trekking routes to reach the peak from Narkanda. Hatu Peak is Ideal for camping and offers a beautiful opportunity for star gazing in the night. The forest is also good for bird watching and meditation. 

HATU_TEMPLE Hatu Peak Travel Guide is full of references to the mesmerizing sceneries and serene spots. Hatu Peak has some attractions that should not be missed,  Hatu Mata temple is one of the holy destinations of this region. The Peak has a beautiful hillock on top of it from where you can look around in all four directions and observe the beauty of nature at its ace. There are many other interesting places located around Hatu Peak like Kacheri, Stokes Farm and Narkanda etc. To the north and to the east, the white capped mountains of the Himalaya are visible, even on an overcast day. The nearby highest peaks (both within Himachal Pradesh) are Deo Tibba (6001m — approximately 120km north near Chatru) and Kinnaur Kailash (6050m — approximately 100km east near Karcham). The Nandi Devi region is to the southeast, approximately 250km. The small hill station of Narkanda (at 2708m) is the start for the journey to the top of Hatu Peak.

Best Time To Visit :

In winter, this area is a modest ski area, so expect snow conditions. However, the trail is not sufficiently steep to require crampons at any point. Proper.  The best season to visit Hatu Peak is the apart from the skiing season, is the month of May, when the place temperature remains cool and comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. There are no particular timings for visiting Hatu Peak although trekking at night should be avoided.

How To Reach :

By Air : Shimla has a small airstrip located on a nearby hill top (in Jubbarhatti, about 23 km south of town). This airstrip is too small to support jets, so the only service available is from Jagson Airlines which offers single flight service into Shimla from Delhi on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

By Rail : The nearest Railway station from Hatu Peak is Shimla Railway station, located at a distance of 68 Kms from Hatu Peak.

By Road : Narkanda is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

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