India’s first heritage transport museum is located at Tauru in the Gurgaon district of the state of Haryana. The Heritage Transport Museum was established as India’s first comprehensive transport museum. When this museum was opened in 2013, it was the largest private museum in India. There are many different types of heritage vehicles in this museum. The largest gallery is available in this museum.

List of collections of this museum

Automobile Gallery

This gallery is a showcase of heritage and classic cars. There a large number of the car is available.on display over 75 vintage cars available. The gallery showcases cars used in India from the beginning. This place is located in the mini auditorium where the movie related to transport takes place.


There are displays of the old railway. this museum available India’s first railway. Also on display are models of popular engine and collectibles.including original posters, train tickets, lamps, and railway maps.

India-a historical collection 

This collection also contains historical objects of India. It is a historical collection. There is a collection of things that have been collected for the last 2 decades. There is a collection of more than 1000 things .there are also available in old lithographs/engravings, old postcards on modes of transportation in India, stamps/first-day covers, old bills, receipts, license copies, share certificates, etc.


There are also include two-wheelers. Old scooters are also located here. This is also available two-wheelers including bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds.

Collectible India Toys on Transport

They’re available all types of toys. Toys made in India are also located here. includes an inventory of fun, collectible, nostalgic, original toys made in wood, tin, and die-cast toys, all made by Indian manufacturers.


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