Shrinathji Temple at Nathdwara is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shrinathji. It is considered by Vaishnavism as an important pilgrimage site. The divine form of Srinathji manifests itself. According to some legends, this form of Lord Krishna’s deity manifests itself from the stone here and it emerged from the Govardhan Hill.

The first historical image of Shrinathji was worshiped on Mount Govardhan in Mathura. Initially, in 1672 A.D., The image was shifted from Mathura. It was kept on the banks of the river Yamuna for some time and in Agra for 6 months. Aurangzeb the ruler of Mughal wished to have a deity with him in Agra. Aurangzeb then moved the image southwards in a chariot to save it from barbaric destruction.

When deity reached Sihad or Sinhad village, the wheel of his bullock cart sank in the mud and they could not move. So the priest who was there understood that this place was chosen by God so a temple was built there. under the rule and protection of the then Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar, The temple was built. It is also called Haveli of Shrinathji.

It is said that Srinathji was coming to play chaupar with Ajab Kunvari, the princess of Mewar, when he goes back to Vraja, she would get upset and ask him to stop there.and he said when the right time comes he will relocate Rajasthan.

This temple is built in the line of Nanda Maharaj temple located in Vrindavan. Hence, it is also called as Nanda Bhavan or Nandalaya.

Formation of Kalash at the top of the peak in which 7 flags are flown with Sudarshan Chakra. The 7 flags represent the Pushtimarg or the 7 ‘houses’ of the Vallabha community. Srinathji is not worshiped like any other temple, as Pushtimarg is associated with the mood of worship. This deity is thought of as a living image and is accompanied by daily routine tasks such as bathing, dressing, a meal called “Bhog“, and rest at regular intervals. Because God is considered here in the child form of Shri Krishna, so all his care is taken


Child form of Shri Krishna

On the occasion of Janmashtami and other festivals like Holi and Diwali, devotees flock to the temple in large numbers. All the mansions have Brahmins under Vallabhacharya, who is the founder of the idol of this deity on Govardhan hill near Mathura.

The main attractions in this temple are Aarti and Srinagar, Srinagar is changed 7 times according to the time of day and night. In which Shrinathji Deity is dressed in beautiful clothes and jewelry.

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