An inclined description of the Jaisalmer fort, rated among the most renowned fort in the world. Perched in the heart of the Thar Desert (literal meaning abode of the dead), it upsurges like a mirage from the golden sands, with its huge lookout tower pointing skywards. Built in 1156, Jaisalmer is the second oldest of Rajasthan’s major forts after Chittorgarh. Founded by Raja Jaisal, who was desperately in search for a new capital as Lodurva, the earlier capital was easily accessible for invasions.

Jaisalmer Fort, famous for its antiquity and repertory of architectural wealth is also known as Sonar Quila, which stands on a high hillock known as Trikuta Hill (80 meter high). There are two parallel walls around it, the lowest wall famous as “Peetha” had served as a base wall, at the time, when Aksaya Pol (Gate) was added to the fort, some part of Peetha wall near the above Pol was extended to the newly built gate. Two other parallel walls are made up of solid blocks of stone, without using mortar or clay was erected like a buttress and outer walls.

The buttress wall was built by Maharawal Bhim in 16th century by linking the same with Suraj Pol Gate. These two walls appear to be fascinating in their yellowish stones. It is therefore called the golden fort. The fort, thus, has a chain of shield.

Sights and Sounds of the Golden Fort !!!
This hefty fort looks more beautiful with the desert ambiance and setting sun, which gives it a golden look as you see from outside the fort. The tourist can enter this fort from the massive gates via an enormous stone paved ramp that leads to a large courtyard inside the fort. At the front you can see a beautiful palace of former ruler, that has many squares which were formerly used to review troops, hear petitions and present extravagant entertainment for important visitors.

The City Inside the Fort !!!
During the time of two Muslim invasions, when the fort was surrounded by the Sultans the necessity was felt, that a fortified defense structure should be laid. Thus, a Rang Burj was added to the fort by Maharawal Jetasi in the year 1508 AD. About a quarter of the old city’s population resides within the fort walls, which have 99 bastions around their circumference. It’s fascinating to wander around this place. The fort walls provide superb views over the old city and surrounding desert dunes.

The Influence of Jain Artistry !!!
The Akshya Pol is the entrance gate of the fort. While going upon a stone road, we come across the gate Suraj Pol. It was built by Maharawal Bhim. On its upper most part an arched toran, embellished with a figure of Sun, has been engraved. This imposing Toran, reminds us of the influence of Jain arts.

The Placing of Powers !!!
After crossing the road, we come near the Ganesh Pol, which is named after a figure of Ganesh installed on the main lintel. On the outer wall between Suraj pol and Ganesh pol, there is also a figure of Ganesh, installed in 1679 AD, during the reign of Maharawal Amar Singh. There is a figure of Sun embossed near it. The Ganesh pol was perhaps the main entrance pol. Whereas the Hawa pol (Wind Gate) was constructed during the 17th century AD.

The Ancient Caravans Avenue !!!
As you visit the various sights and sounds of this magical Jaisalmer Fort that consists of romantic palaces, bastions, chhatris, handicrafts shops, winding lanes and massive gates, watch the handsomely carved ceilings and intricate lattice work. Jaisalmer Fort is the most popular attraction for tourists, as there are several temples and the residential complexes of the armies and traders placed critically on the trade route, from where the ancient caravans embarked through the en route of huge kingdom in its bygone days.

The Eye shot of the Jaisalmer City !!!
Above the fort flies the Jaisalmer standard, featuring a chhatirs against a red and yellow background. The fort looks especially magical when it is lit up at the night. As you start exploring this rugged fort, you will find a number of corners, where you can set your heart. Whereas the fort walls provide superb views over the old city and surrounding desert. Strolling around the outer fort ramparts is a popular activity at the time of sunset. These are some of the memorable pictures of architectural purity that cannot be seen elsewhere.



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