The Khasi Hills are part of the Garo-Khasi range in the Indian state of Meghalaya , and is part of the Patkai range and of the Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion. It is perhaps best known for Sohra (Cherrapunjee), geographically famous for being the wettest place on earth and also Shillong, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. The area consists mostly of hilly regions and includes the Shillong Plateau; it is drained by tributaries of the Brahmaputra and Surma rivers. The region is inhabited mainly by tribal Khasi dwellers, which are traditionally in various chieftainships, states known as the Khasi Hill States. One of its capitals, Cherrapunji, is considered one of the wettest places in the world which receives rainfall throughout the year. The capital city of Shillong which is the most popular tourist attraction is also a part of the Khasi Hills. The hill region is divided into broad parts further into East Khasi and West Khasi out of which the East Khasi Hills District is the most famous and most beautiful too. South West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is known for it’s scenic beauty and green vallies. These hills are famous for their tourist friendly environs and are a lovely place to explore. 

South West Khasi Hill tours are the picture perfect destination trips in Meghalaya with numerous travel attractions and places to visit.

Umiam Lake:

Umiam_Lake,_Shillong,_Meghalaya,_India It was made by damming the Umiam waterway in the mid 1960s. The chief catchment range of the lake and dam is spread more than 220 square km. More popularly known as Barapani, this is the biggest artificial lake in the State. The highest portion of the hill mass that comprises most of Meghalaya. Surrounded by sylvan hills and wrapped in the beauty of an assortment of green Khasi-pines and the azure blue skies is the majestic Umiam lake. The lake situated just 15 km from Shillong on the Guwahati-Shillong National Highway has left a lasting impression on each and every person who has come to this lake. The Water Sports Complex situated in the lake provides a choice of row-boats, paddle-boats, cruise boats, sailing boats, water scooters and speed boats.

Elephant Falls:

Elephant_falls-_at_Meghalaya Elephant Falls, the Three Steps Waterfalls as it is originally called, is located 12 km from the capital city.  This waterfall was originally named Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew, which means a three-step waterfall in local parlance.  This beautiful region is famed for its sapphire blue skies, thick pine groves, stunning landscapes and valleys, British style houses along the meandering streets and clouds caressing the hills. its scenic beauty has earned it a huge number of admirers, especially couples and families. Its crystal clear white water and the nearby greenery creates a dreamy world which is worth clicking. The rainy season brings more life to the already energetic waterfalls and you will see the falls in full vigor. 

Lady Hydari Park:

Shillong_golf_course2 Lady Hydari Park is a verdant tract that stretches up to a kilometre in the heart of Shillong.  It is named in the memory of Lady Hydari, who was the wife of Assam’s erstwhile Governor. Established and maintained by the Forest Department, this park incorporates a mini zoo, a deer park, and an open area for children to play. The vast stretches of rose-beds make it strikingly beautiful.  There is also a museum in a small house located inside the park. The rich biodiversity of Meghalaya has been showcased in this museum, which includes photos of rare species, stuffed leopard, dried skin of python, and skulls of elephant.

Laitlum Canyons:

images (1) A paradise by every definition, Laitlum canyons in the Khasi Hills gives you panoramic views of the hills and valleys. This hilltop is carpeted with lush greenery and covered with dense mist, which together make it a hidden paradise in the hilly state of Meghalaya. This is a must visit destination and should make it to your bucket list when you’re in Meghalaya!  You will have breathtaking views of valleys and surrounding hills from here. Trekkers are in for great exercise and even if you are not one, you are going to love every minute of it.

How To Reach:

By Air: The nearest airporrt is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport Guwahati (132 km), which is well connected to all major city of India. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Guwahati(132 km), which is well connected to all major city of India.

By Road: One can easily get around in the state by hiring a cab at affordable rates or through state run buses which ply to almost all major tourist destinations in the hill ranges.

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