Corjuem fort is located on the island of the Corjuem river in Goa, 4 kilometers from the village of Aldona. It defends Portuguese India so was known as a military fort. It gives a good view of the surrounding river and land but it is smaller than other forts in Goa. as law, the fort is a protected memorial under Goa, Daman, and Diu ancient monuments and archeological sites. Corjuem fort is 12 km away from Panjim.

The Corjuem Fort

The Corjuem Fort

The fort is located on an island of the same name in Bardez, separated by the Mandovi River to the east of the village of Aldona.


The fort was built in 1705, one of the two surviving forts made of the petite lattice. The original occupants of this fort were the Desai of Sankhali. But later on, its trade fell into the hands of the Marathas and later into the Sawant-Bhonsle of Sawantwadi. The fort came under the control of Portuguese India, Under the Portuguese Viceroy Caetano de Mello e Castro. 

Reconstruction of the fort by the Portuguese made to enhance the defense with Panjim. the fort protected the Portuguese from the Bhonsle, Marathas, and the Rane Rajputs In the 18th century, who encamped just outside the Mandovi River. The fort defended the town of Corjuem and also had a chapel under the claustral church of Aldona. 

interesting incident

There is also an interesting incident of this castle in which an ambitious Portuguese woman named Ursula e Lancastre, dressed as a man,  and traveled the world. she landed on Corjuem fort like a soldier but was later captured and stripped.


The fort is open every day of the week from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm. The best time to visit this place is in the cool morning weather or in the evening, not in the afternoon.


Like other forts in Goa, this fort has been built in square shape from laterite stone. There are bastions for cannons in the 4 corners of the wall. The walls are wide and have several gun ports. A ramp-like staircase has been placed at every corner of the fort for walking on either side. Which can be mounted. 

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