Thane is a city located in Mumbai. Which is the 15th most populous city in India. The city is an immediate neighbor of Mumbai city and a part of the Mumbai metropolitan area. Thane city name means police check is posted. Thane was the second-largest British police check post after Mumbai. The city of Thane is also known as the city of lakes. Thane is one of the few places that showcase its rich multicultural heritage in almost every possible way. Also known as “Mumbai’s elder sister“.Due to the natural beauty and industrial development of Thane, it has developed into one of the most balanced metropolitan cities in India. Ibn Battuta and Abulfeda knew him as Kukin Tana; Duarte Barbosa as Tana Mayambu. Prior to 1996, the city was called Thana, the British spelling of the city.

Visiting place in Thane 

 Ghodbunder Fort

Ghodbunder fort was built by the Portuguese. The fort was built around the 16th century. The fort is located on a hill in the southern part of the river Ulhas. The fort was named Ghodbunder after the Portuguese who traded horses with the Arabs. In 1818, the British captured the fort and set up the district administration headquarters for the East Indian Company with the District Collector at Thane.


Upvan Lake


Upvan Lake

The lake was established and reconstructed by J.K Singhania. The lake was built in 1880. The lake is known for hosting the Culture Arts Festival. Thousands of Ganpati idols are brought here for immersion on the final day of Ganeshotsav. It is the largest lake in Thane, surrounded by the Yur Hills, and is located in the Pokhran-2 area. This lake is the only eco-friendly lake in Thane. The locals consider this lake as the ‘lover’s paradise’ of Thane.


St. John the Baptist church


St. John the Baptist church

St. John’s Baptist Church was built by the Portuguese Jesuits in 1579. This church is considered to be the oldest church in Thane. The church is believed to be about 500 years old. The church is surrounded by Lake Masunda.In this church, the crowd is seen in large just on Christmas and Easter nights.

Vasai Creek

Vasai Creek forms the northern boundary of Salsette Island and empties into the Arabian Sea to the west. Vasai Creek, also known as Bhayander Creek, is one of the inlets in the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. Vasai Creek is considered to be one of the two main distributions of the Ulhas River.


Mumbra is a city located near Thane. The city has a large Muslim population. In this city, there are waterfalls, temples, mountains for trekking. Mumbra culture vividly represents tradition, secularism, and has a history of unity in diversity. Goddess Mumba is said to be the patron of Marathi-speaking agriculture and Kolis.


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