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Puri Beach is a beach in the city of Puri in the state of OdishaIndia. It is on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. Puri situated on the eastern sea-bed of India, is the only most popular sea-side resort where the beauty of the sky in radiant colours, the roaring waves and the golden beach can be experienced. The long sandy beach draws large numbers of western travellers and Indians. It is known for being a tourist attraction and a Hindu sacred place.

According to Hindu belief, there are five great holy spots (Pancha Tirthas) at Puri out of which sea is the greatest and holiest for tourists and travellers. The beach has continued to be a sacred venue for an endless number of pilgrims coming to pay homage to Lord Jagannath. This District derives its name from the heritage city of Puri, one of the four pilgrimage centres of India. Covering an area of 3051 sq/kms, the District may be divided into two dissimilar.

Fine white sands, roar of the breakers rolling in from the Bay of Bengal and countless devotees flocking the place for a purification dip are the synonyms to the Puri Beach. The Puri beach is one of the finest beach in the world and watching the sunrise and sunset in a symphony of colours is a wonderful experience. The Puri beach is also one of the most popular sea-side resort which is visited by the tourists from all parts of the world. The other attraction of the beach are the excellent surf and shallow waters. The water is shallow enough to walk at a very long distance.

Sunset At Sea Beach

Sunset At Sea Beach

Puri Quite Beach

Puri Quite Beach

Golden Sea Beach

Golden Sea Beach

In Mumbai, Goa, Cochin and Chennai as well as other sea beaches, taking bath in sea is a risk due to tides, under current and deepness. But in Puri to take sea bath is a pleasure and enjoyable experience. The beach is very wide and exposed and there’s not a scrap of shade to be found. A comparatively clean and quite place for sunbathing and a relaxed swim can be found at the eastern end. Local fishermen easily distinguishable by their triangular straw hats and dhotis serve as lifeguards on the beach, and take visitors out to sea in their boats to watch the sunsets.

Thousands of people from different part of India and world spend their morning and evening at Puri sea beach each and everyday. Sea shells are collected here in large quantity. These are the main wealth of Puri sea beach. The annual Beach Festival taking place in November.

How To Reach :

The nearest aiport is located at Bhubaneshwar, about 62 kms from Puri. Puri is connected with Bhubaneshwar and Konark by very good roads. You can easily get regular trains to Puri from other major cities of the country.

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