Se cathedral church

Se cathedral church

Se cathedral church is located in Goa. The Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina, known as Se Cathedral.Se Cathedral is the most imposing of all the churches at Old Goa. It is the best tourist place. The main altar with its gilded reredos depicting scenes from the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria as well as her martyrdom.The famous landmark built in Portuguese Manueline style. It is established by the Portuguese. This church is considered as the largest one in Goa. There is a huge bell on the tower of this church which is known as the “Golden Bell” because of its rich tone. It is one of the best in the world.

History of Se cathedral church

The name of this church is in the Portuguese language. The world of se means see.Se cathedral church building started in 1562 and ended in 1652. The church is one of the oldest and most famous buildings in Goa. The work of a church established is to be carried out during the reign of King Dom Sebastiao. The Cathedral was commissioned by the Portuguese Viceroy, Redondo. This sumptuous, composite style of architecture was extremely popular in the late 16th Century. A Golden Rose was performed in the 19th century, which was presented by the Venerable Pope Pius XII. The Popes of the Catholic Church have given this golden rose as intoxication of respect and affection.

The architecture of SE Cathedral

The church’s architect, Portuguese And Manueline, is in style. The church is Tuscan on the outside and Corinthian on the inside. The Chapel of the Cross of Miracles, where a vision of the Christ was seen on the plain and unadorned cross in 1919.The main altar with its gilt reredos depicting scenes from the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria as well as her martyrdom. It took 100 years to make this Church

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