Aurangabad is a city and administrative headquarters of Aurangabad. It is the largest city in the Marathwada region. It is located on a hilly upland terrain in the Deccan Traps. with a population of 1,175,116,  Aurangabad is the fourth-most populous urban area in Maharashtra. The city is known as the... more

Panipat is a historic city. Also known as ‘City of Weavers‘, and ‘Textile City’, this is an important city for textile production. Panipat is known for the three historical battles that were fought here.  The city of Panipat is mentioned in the Mahabharata.... more

One of the major and ancient cities of the Indian state of Rajasthan and the center of the named Ajmer district. it is home to the Ajmer Sharif shrine which located at the center of Rajasthan. Ajmer is surrounded by Aravalli mountains. since 1869 it has been a municipality.  Ajmer... more

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