Ananthagiri Hills Ananthagiri Hills is located in the Vikarabad district. It is one of the dense forests in Telangana. The water flows from these hills to Hussain Sagar and Himayat Sagar. Ananthagiri is a mountain town with ancient caves, temples, medieval castles, and palaces. Displaying... more

The city of pearl’s nickname is Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana. Hyderabad is one of the historical cities in India. Hyderabad, the colorful rainbow of cultures and potpourri of faiths, is exclusive and glorious. Hyderabad is also known globally as an IT hub.... more

Khammam is one such city in the state of Telangana. Khamma is also known as Khammamet. It is the fourth largest city in the state. Historically significant city, Khammam organized many movements during India’s freedom struggle. The present name of the city is derived from a local hill called Stambhadri.... more

The city gets its name from a combination of two Telugu words ‘Nala’ and ‘Konda’ meaning ‘black hills’ Hence the city is also called the Black Hills. The city is located in the state of Telangana. Nalgonda sling is a sign of regulatory culture with more opacity of... more

Warangal is a city in Telangana, the state of India. It is the district headquarters of both Warangal Urban District and Warangal Rural District.  Warangal is the second-most populous city in the state after the capital Hyderabad, According to the 2011 census of India, the population is 830,281 and... more

Nizamabad is a city in the state of Telangana. The city was the first part of the state of Hyderabad and then of the state of Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, Nizamabad became part of the newly formed state of Telangana through the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. The city is the third-largest city in the... more

Adilabad is a city in the state of Telangana. Adilabad is also known as the “White Gold City“. Adilabad is famous for its cotton crop. Adilabad is known as the “gateway to South India“.The city of Adilabad is named after the former ruler Yusuf Adil Shah. The former name of Adilabad... more

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