Akhnoor is a Municipal Committee and an archeological site in the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas at a distance of 28 km from Jammu. The city is located on the banks of the River Chenab.


This place is considered to be the ancient city of Virat Nagar mentioned in the Mahabharata. it is one of the most significant historical places of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Akhnoor Fort 

The Akhnoor Fort is located on the right bank of the river Chenab. in 1762 CE, Raja Tej Singh started the construction of the fort. after him, construction of the fort was completed by his successor Raja Alam Singh in 1802 Maharaja Ranjit Singh crowned Maharaja Gulabsinh On 17 June 1822, at Jia Pota Ghat, a fort on the banks of the River Chenab. The fort has regular fortified walls that are built at regular intervals With and crowned. At the corner, there is a two-story watch-tower which is crowned by battlements and merlons.

Kameshwar temple

The Kameshwar temple at Akhnoor is believed to be an ancient temple dating back to the time of the Pandavas approximately 5000 years ago. However, the structure of the temple is not that old.

In the main sanctum sanctorum, there are three Shiva lingams in an irregular shape with three idols of Ganesha. Among the temples around the complex are the temples of Hanuman with Shiva, Parvati–shiva-Ganesha, Rama-Lakshman-Sita-Hanuman, Indra, Nataraja, Kali with Shiva at her feet,  and Panchmukhi Hanuman.

At the entrance of the temple, there are two large idols of Shiva Lingam and Nandi. The idol of Chitragupta, Shanishwar, and Dharmaraja is also found near the entrance. 

Sant Baba Sunder Singh GuruDwara

Sant Baba Sunder Singh Jii Alibegh was built on the banks of the river Chenab in the memory of a Sikh saint sitting here near the river for meditation in the city of Akhnoor. This Gurudwara was built by the Sikh Sangat of Jammu.


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