Madhubani paintings

Madhubani is a city located in the state of Bihar. The city was part of the former ‘Bettiah Kingdom. The city is known for its richness of art and culture. This city is mentioned in Ramayana. Mentioned in the Ramayana, the city is known for the world-famous Madhubani paintings. The city is also known for Madhubani paintings. The city is very famous for art lovers and upcoming art enthusiasts. Madhubani emerged in 1972 from Darbhanga district of Bihar during a shift in territorial boundaries.

Visiting place in Madhubani

Kapileshwar Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In this temple, sage Kapil placed an idol of Lord Shiva. This is a famous Shiva temple in Madhubani city. During the month of Shravan, especially on Mondays, the temple is very crowded. On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, the temple organizes a huge fair. There is a lake on the side of this temple. From where people take water to anoint Lord Shiva.

 Rajnagar Palace

Rajnagar Palace is also known as the Navlakha Mahal. This palace has been built by Maharaja Shri Rameshwar Singh. The palace was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1934. So now this palace has become a ruin. The palace was once the residence of the royal family. The palace complex includes 11 temples of gods and goddesses and some forts and palaces.


Saurath is a small village. There is a temple here which is known as Somnath Mahadev. The temple is visited annually by Maithili Brahmins from the surrounding villages and discusses and negotiates proposals that eventually culminate in marriage. That is why this temple is considered famous. The Mewada that takes place here is known as Saurath  Sabha Gachcha.


Bhawanipur village is famous for its association with Ugarnath temple and poet Vidyapet. According to mythology, Vidyapet was considered an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, which is why Shiva came here to serve as his servant, Ugana. There is a Shiva temple here. Lord Shiva had his true identity here near Vidyapet. The village is named after Goddess Durga. There are beautiful temples in this village.

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