After the Mumbai,  Pune is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra which formerly known as Poona. With an estimated population of 7.4 million by 2020, it is the eighth-most populous city in India. It has been ranked several times as “the most livable city in India“.


City view, Pune

This city was the seat of the Peshwa, the prime ministers of the Maratha Empire, In the 18th century. and it is One of the most important political centers of the Indian subcontinent. Pune is considered to be the top “India’s automobile manufacturing hub” and India’s second-largest “IT hub”. with the presence of a wide range of educational institutions, it’s known as the “Oxford of the East“. 

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwarwada is a historical fortification located in the city of Pune. it was built-in 1732. until 1818 it was the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire, after the Third Anglo-Maratha War when the Peshwas lost control to the British East India Company. the palace became the center of Indian politics in the 18th century, After the rise of the Maratha Empire. Shaniwar Wada was the capital building of the Peshwa of the Maratha Empire originally a seven-story.


BajiRao Peshwa statue, Pune

At least a thousand people lived in the fort By 1758. On Saturday 10 January 1730, Chhatrapati Shahu’s Prime Minister Peshwa Baji Rao I laid the ceremonial foundation of his own residence. it was named Shaniwarwada from the Marathi words Shaniwar which means Saturday and Wada which is a general term for any residence complex.

Shaniwar Wada has five gates namely Mastani Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Dilli Darwaza, jambhul Darwaja, and Ganesh Darwaja. 

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is located in Pune city of India and it was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III. Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai died here. the Archaeological Survey of India declared the site as a monument of national importance In 2003. The palace is closely associated with the Indian independence movement as it was the prison of Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu. 


Ashes of Gandhiji

In honor of Gandhi and his philosophy, the Aga Khan Palace was donated to the Indian people In 1969 by Aga Khan IV. Today the Palace House is a memorial to Gandhiji where his ashes were kept. 

Lal Mahal

The Lal Mahal has established in the year 1630 AD by Shahaji Raje Bhosale for his wife Jijabai and son Shivaji which is located in the Pune and is one of the most famous monuments of Pune. Shivaji stayed here for many years till he captured his first fort. The present Lal Mahal is a reconstruction of the original and is located in the center of Pune city. Shivaji was married to his first wife Saibai in Lal Mahal. 

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