It has been proposed as one of the smart cities of Maharashtra and is one of the top ten cities in India in implementing smart city projects. Nagpur Maharashtra is located in the Vidarbha region. The city of Nagpur is also known for its initiation ground. The city of Nagpur is the winter capital of Maharashtra. The city has a large production of oranges. The area is therefore also known as Orange City as it is a major trading center for oranges. Tigers are found in large numbers in the area around Nagpur hence it is also called the capital of tigers.

The city of Nagpur was founded in 1703 by Gond king Bakht Buland Shah of Devag. The British East India Company captured Nagpur in the 19th century and made it the capital of the Central Province and Berar. After the first reorganization of the states, the city lost its status as the capital.

Visiting place in Nagpur 

Ambazari Lake

Ambazari Lake

The lake was built in the year 1870 under the rule of Bhonsle. The lake is surrounded by large mango trees, hence the name Ambazari Lake. The lake is one of the 11 lakes in Nagpur and is the largest lake in the city. For the traveler coming here, the robot has facilities like boating facilities, as well as self-propelled paddle boats. The river Nag also originates from here which attracts the tourist who comes there.


Deekshabhoomi is a sacred monument of Navayana Buddhism. Deekshabhoomi is one of two places considered to be of great importance in the life of Ambedkar.where  B. R. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism with approximately 380,000 his followers mainly scheduled caste peoples on Ashoka Vijaya Dashami on 14 October 1956. Deekshabhoomi Soup is the place where BR Ambedkar converted to Buddhism.

Nagpur Central Museum

Nagpur Central Museum, also known as Ajab Bangla. The Nagpur Central Museum was established in 1863. The museum is one of the oldest museums in India and Maharashtra. Dinosaur fossils, coins, ancient inscriptions, sculptures, weapons, tribal artifacts, all artifacts from historical to modern times are on display here.

Waki Woods

The life of this ‘woods’ is a perfect blend of modernity and nature, as you have tents fully equipped with facilities like electricity and phone. Being in a tent here makes it a tourist attraction. Activities like boating, archery, trekking take place here.

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