Find a beach for every season… and for every reason. Sunny, golden, bright and breathtaking… that’s Visakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag. Beautiful blue       ocean and sparkling beaches… this second largest city of Andhra Pradesh is gorgeous. But if you think Vizag is all about beaches… you are in for a surprise. Green picturesque hills greet you, wherever you go. Lush greenery, fascinating tribal dance, and historical Buddhist remains will enchant you. And just in case you need some man-made intervention… there are ample entertainment and shopping zones.

Vizag is truly a destination for every imagination. Set out to explore this charming city… set to redefine great holidays as you know it.

(1) Rishikonda:

Only 8 km from Vizag, Rishikonda has everything that the passionate traveller in you seeks – alluring beaches, hills and adventure water sports – skiing & wind surfing. The sea and hill cottages further enhance your holiday moments. Just right for your honeymoon or to rekindle those nostalgic moments.

(2)  Bheemunipatnam:

En route to Bheemunipatnam, the journey is as charming as the destination. The 25 km stretch from Vizag never once lets go of the beautiful coastline. Be sure you don’t miss out on ‘Erramattidibbalu’ – a very creative formation of red sand.
Stop by Bheemili, a sleepy little town with a rich colonial past. River Gosthani greets you as you enter Bheemili. While at Bheemili, visit the pilgrim centres, temples, old churches, clock tower, light house, and the port.

(3)  Ramakrishna Beach:

This offers you the usual joys of the beach – sea, sand and shore… plus a Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, Aquarium, numerous parks, War Memorial and statues of eminent personalities.

(4)  Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Temple:

The Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Temple at Burujupeta is worshiped as the Goddess of the Visakha city. The idol of the deity is said to have been installed in the early 18th century. Festival celebrating Kanaka Maha Lakshmi takes place during Margasira masa (November and December) every year. Visakha district attracts tourists with its scenic natural beauty.

(5)  Kalingapatnam:

Srikakulam District has a sea coast of 193 km. A heritage town in Srikakulam district with the constructions of colonial rule is Kalingpatnam. It has a light house and from the top of it, visitors can enjoy the wonderful view of Sagar Sangamam of perennial river Vamsadhara.

(6)  Kailasagiri:

Picture this… a lush green park over a 130 m high hill overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Could your soul ask for more? The presence of giant statues of the celestial couple, Siva and Parvathi, make Kailasgiri a must visit on your list. The place also offers a breathtaking view at night – a million lights and the enchanting waves further away. Other highlights include: Ropeway to the hill, art gallery, air-conditioned conference hall, a capsule lift to the highest view point, food court, art gallery and souvenir shops.

 (7)  The Vuda Childrens Park: 

If you are holidaying with kids… don’t forget to visit this park. With dancing musical fountains, boating facility, skating ring and camel & horse rides – the kids are going to be thrilled.

(8)  Tenneti Park:

Located on the beach road, this is where you can enjoy your evenings with sea view and cool breeze. Also around are food courts and a big screen show where you can watch movies.

(9)  Gangavaram:

This is a paradise of every film marker and nature lover. Located near the steel plant, your most cherished beach fantasy comes true here. Gangavaram has a beautiful stretch of beach, lined with palm trees along the coast. One can laze on the hammock, while gentle waves play hide and seek with the coastline.



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