Bundi is a district of Rajasthan located in the Hadoti region. Many histories are also associated with Bundi, many rulers and empires ruled over Bundi, many of the places and forts that bear witness to it and are still located in Bundi today.

Raniji ki Baori

Raniji ki Baori

Raniji ki Baori

Raniji ki Baori, also known as “Queen’s stepwell” is a noted stepwell situated in Bundi. This stepwell was built in 1699 by Nathavati Ji, the young queen of Rao Raja Anirudh Singh, the ruler of Bundi. Its pillars and arched doors have marvelous carvings on the 45m deep stepwell. It has a multi-storeyed structure of step-wells with a shrine on each floor.

This stepwell was built during the reign of Maharao Raja Budh Singh, he was the son of Rani Nathavati Ji. He ruled over Bundi from 1695 AD to 1729 AD.

Sukh Mahal

Sukh Mahal is located on Jeet Sagar Lake, which was built during the reign of Umed Singh. white marble Chhatri or an umbrella is the main attraction of Sukh mahal. The major attraction of Sukhmahal is the beautiful canopy on the second-floor terrace of the palace.

The purpose behind building this palace was to increase the happiness of the prince as its name suggests. But the princes misuse it, they were hunting boars from the surrounding forest areas.

Garh Palace

The Garh Palace is located in Kota where a number of architectural structures are included. Also called the city palace, it showcases the heritage of the Mughals as well as the Rajputs. It has many monuments, apartments, etc., which were built in different periods by different rules. The walls and ceiling of the palace are adorned with mirrors, with beautiful paintings. The floor is made of beautiful marble.

The complex houses a magnificent museum. It displays arms, ammunition, royal regalia among other things.

84 Pillared Cenotaph

84 Pillared Cenotaph The 84-Pillared Cenotaph is also called Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri. It is located in Bundi, Rajasthan. In 1683, it was erected by Rao Raja Anirudh as a memorial to his foster brother. It is also known as the “Music Maharani’s Chatri“.

There is a huge Shivling in this constitution. which covered by a decorative roof and its supported b 84 pillars. Tradition has it that if you count these pillars you will be unable to reach 84.

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