Army_Public_School Ambala is a city and a municipal corporation in Ambala district in the state of Haryana, India. Ambala is a serene destination that is growing up to be an urban centre for development with the right touch of the tradition and culture, with unique location, at the borders of the states of Punjab and Haryana, lends it a bustling atmosphere. Ambala has two sub-areas: Ambala Cantonment also known as (Ambala Cantt) and Ambala City, approximately 3 kilometers apart, therefore it is also known as “Twin City”. Both the areas are just 3 kilometres away from one another, and to the world, the duo is called twin cities. The energetic vibe of this town is supplemented by a large presence of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force within its cantonment area. Ambala is also known to separate Ganges river network from the network of the River Indus and has two rivers surrounding it, namely Ghaggar and Tangri to the north and to the south. Due to its geographical location, the Ambala district plays an important role in local tourism. Tourists to Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh and Jammu & Kashmir have to cross through Ambala whether by road or rail.

History : 

On looking back at ancient Indian history, Ambala District was founded by Amba Rajput during the 14th century AD. Other reports say the city and district got its name after goddess “Bhawani Amba”, who has a temple in the city and is praised by devotees with an ardent love, whose Temple still exists in Ambala city. Ambala Cantt. is Ambala’s headquarter. It is a major junction, was established in the year 1843. After the British were forced to leave its Karnal Cantonment following the malaria epidemic of 1841–42 in as there were not any known effective means to control malaria epidemic in those days. Ambala Cantt. is an important centre for manufacturing of scientific & surgical instruments.  Ambala was given the status of a district in 1847, which was then formed by merging the Jagir of hitherto independent chieftains, most of which included territories that were confiscated then by the British or had lapsed. In its 160 years of existence as a district, Ambala has witnessed many changes in its boundaries.  

Indian_Army-Sikh_Light_Infantry_regiment Ambala Air Force Base is one of the oldest and largest airbases that were inherited from the British by the IAF. In the 1947- 48 Kashmir Operations, this airbase served as a major point for the Spitfires and Harvards that were used and flown by the instructors from the coveted Advanced Flying Training School.  It has been a frontline air base for many years and was attacked by Pakistan Air Force in 1965. Ambala is known for its Central Jail, where Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, was hanged, along with Narayan Apte, who was also a conspirator in November 1949. Today, the Airbase houses the ‘7 Wing’ with squadrons of Jaguars and MiG-21 Bisons. A unit of the French-madeDassault Rafale will also be based at Ambala air base.

Language & Culture : 

Hindi and Punjabi are the official languages in the district and are spoken widely. Most of the youngsters in educational institutions, as well as many officials, are well-versed in English. Ambala places itself among the most promising cities and locations of northern India, and the beauty and charm of the people and locales remain matchless.  “Cloth Market” is the charm of the city, which draws shoppers from surrounding areas. The cloth market has a dense cluster of 900-1000 wholesale shops. Ambala used to be a hub of hand-loom factories, man operated industry, which has almost vanished., is known for its art, pottery and handicraft items, throughout the country. One can find various types of beautiful earthen articles, which include decorative items, utensils, toys and much more.

Tourist Attraction : 

Manji Sahib Gurudwara : 

Gurudwara_Panjokhra_Sahib,_Haryana The Manji Sahib Gurdwara is the most popular Sikh Shrine of Ambala.  The Sikh shrine wasis constructed at the place visited place by the sixth Guru, of Guru Hargobind Singh on his way to meet Mughal emperor, Jahangir. The temple has four towers that are Gold Plated and there is beautiful Meenakari (an art of painting) and Chitrakari (an art of figure painting) work in the temple.  Owing to this, the famous pilgrim centre is also known as Baoli Sahib. There is a holy tank near the Gurdwara called Ram Talai Talaab where devotees take a holy dip. They also carry the holy water called Amrit from the tank.

Ambika Devi Mandir : 

ambika-devi-mandir-ambala-city-ambala-6t9n8 Ambika Devi Temple is the oldest temples in Ambala and is associated with the origin of the place as it is believed to Ambala City derived its name from the ancient deity Goddess Bhawani Ambika. This old temple is dedicated to this deity and is located near the Old Civil Hospital. The temple was built before the British rule and houses the beautiful idols of the three deities Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. The temple is Octagonal shaped and roof is a dome. The paintings on the walls are now faded. The Goddess is worshipped with great devotion. Every year during Navratri, a grand festival is held in the temple that beckons a number of locals and tourists to visit here. 

Jain Mandir : 

3671704440_e7105f9aaf_b The Jain Temple in Ambala is among one of the most sought after religious destinations in the region. It was founded by Shri Vijay Inder Jain charitable trust. It is located near Halwai Bazaar, Ambala city. e temple has four idols of the Jain deities. There are figurines of Chanda Prabhu, Parshavnath, Arihant and Shantinath. It is believed to house 2500 years old idols. The Jain festivals are celebrated with great devotion and in a big scale in this temple.

Hanuman Mandir : 

Hanuman_Mandir,_Connaught_Place Hanuman Mandir was built 250 years ago. The artistic engravings and sculptures beautifully adorn the park. It is much frequented by pilgrims and is situated on the old Grand Trunk Road. The artwork is much in tandem with the art of the Mughal School of painting. People visit this temple, especially on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Hanuman Jayanti . It is also known as Shree Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir which is located near to railway station. 

Rani Ka Talab : 

Sunrise_at_Takhatgarh_Talab Rani kaTalab is a famous attraction in Ambala city and is located near the Ram Bagh, is a 400 year old scenic and historic pond and is situated in Ambala Cant and is manned by the army. It was built by Raja Ranjit Singh about 400 years ago. It is surrounded by Kailash Mandir and Indra Park for travellers to stroll around. It is said that the king dug up two ponds with the names Raja kaTalab and Rani Raja Ka Talab has been carved out into a modern park known as Patel Park. The pond has eight bathing areas and every day a number of devotees take a dip here before entering the temple.

How To Reach : 

By Air : Nearest Airport is Chandigadh (37 km) which is well connected to all major city of Country. And Nearest International Airport is Delhi (200 km) which is well connected to Landon, Dubai, Abu dhabi and all of Countries.   

By Rail : Ambala has its oven railway station which is well connected all major city of Country. 

By Road : A good network of roads connects it from different cities of the Country
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