Himachal Pradesh is known for numerous reasons, including its beautiful landscapes, hill stations and beautiful temples. A great number of aesthetic locations are scattered all over the Himachal. However, chief of them all is Bir. Bir is a village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir attracts adventure-seekers from throughout the country and the world. Bir is quite famous for the adventure sports it offers. 

Bir is a small mountain town in northern Himachal Pradesh with a large, well-established Tibetan community. Bir is Known as the ‘Paragliding capital of India’, numerous paragliding spots are present in this region. In the month of October, every year, the Department of Tourism, Civil Aviation, and Government of Himachal Pradesh hold a ‘Paragliding Pre World Cup’ event. Lying 28km from this stunning town of Bir, is another quaint town known as Billing. The entire stretch joining these two towns is abundant with idyllic natural beauties. Bir is also a place where people from all over the world come for meditation and spiritual studies. Bir is famous for its Tibetan colony and various Buddhist monasteries which are worth visiting. 

Bir Attraction

Paragliding : 

1280px-Pilot_under_paragliding_takeoff_at_Bir-Billing_(02) Bir attracts adventure-seekers from throughout the country and the world. Little do we know, Bir is recognized as the paragliding hub of India. Hence, some of the best time that you might spend here might be with your feet in the air. People are advised to visit Bir  between the months of March – May and October – November for paragliding as the climate is favorable during this time. There are a number of training programs that you can get in touch with for the said purpose. Proper training programs and certification courses are available for novices. Bir also hosts the Paragliding pre world cup during the month of October.

Paragliding experience head starts with drive from the Bir Village to the launch site that is located round 14km apart. Arrive anytime during daytime for an astonishing paragliding experience that provides you with stunning aerial view of the entire place! The landscape around the region is ideal for flying, fly high in the company of mighty Himalayas. Feel the thrills! Cherish these wonderful moments post paragliding in Bir experience comes to an end.

Tea Factory : 

Tea_factory_and_tea_plantation The town has miles and miles covered with tea plantations. Since so much of the land is covered with tea plantations, it is only expected that the town will have a factory to produce the tea. Bir tea factory is located near Bir Bazaar. As the name suggests, it manufacturers tea. With tea gardens and plantations brimming around the town, it is only natural to have a factory which also offer tours inside, What’s exciting is that tourists are actually allowed inside for an insight into the tea manufacturing process.

Deer Park Institute : 

deer_park_institute_3 If you are visiting Bir to learn something spiritually, the Deer Park Institute is just the place for you. The Deer Park Institute is a famous centre for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions which was established by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, where you can enroll in programs on meditation, philosophy, art and culture, Yoga and healing arts, Buddhism and more. If you are here for a shorter period of time check out the occasional meditation retreats and workshops here.

Chokling Monastery : 

chokling_monastery_2 The Chokling Monastery is the most famous monastery in Bir and has a large stupa and a statue of Padmasambhava. This monastery is located in the Bir Tibetan colony. It is home to the biggest stupa of Bir. There are a number of courses that go on for the students of the monastery.

Dharmaya Institute : 

deer_park_institute_3 Dharmaya Institute is an eco-campus for volunteering (earthen building, organic gardening, language instruction), meditation, yoga. Dharmalaya is an Indian charitable society ‘devoted to education, service, and compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, and immersive ecotourism’. Dharmalaya hosts service-learning programs and meditation retreats, providing opportunities for long-term volunteers and students to do karma yoga (mindful service work) for various charitable projects to benefit the local community and the natural environment. There are a number of environmental activities that you can enroll yourself into such as organic farming, green building and meditation among others to make productive use of your time in Bir.

How reach :

There is no direct flight or rail connectivity to Bir. Ahju railway station is the nearest railway station, which is only 3 km. away from Bir, although the nearest broad gauge railway station is in Pathankot, which is 142.2 km. away from Bir. There aren’t many direct buses to Bir Billing from New Delhi. Airports close to Bir are in Chandigarh (290 km), Amritsar airport (260 km) and New Delhi (520 km).

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