There are many forts in Goa. In which many kings established their own kingdom. Some of these forts are not of Portuguese and some forts are not of the Maratha Empire. Some forts are now known as famous tourist spots.



Rachol_Fort is located in the village of Rachol. This fort  Hindu Vijayanagar kingdom under King Krishnaraya, captured it from the Sultan of Bijapur, Ismail Adil Shah, only to cede it to the Portuguese in 1520 in exchange for military help against the Muslims. A fort was originally built by the Sultanate of Bijapur The fort was ruled by Ismail Adil Shah so that the left bank of the Zuari river could be defended. The fort was captured and renovated by Purtungas in 1604 and the fort was rebuilt. Its located on the banks of The newly formed Portuguese colony on the banks of the river Zuari made it a fortress of great strategic importance to protect it from internal and external threats.


Ponda fort is located in Ponda. Ponda was ruled by the Adil Shah Empire where he built a fort known as Ponda Fort. In 1675, Shivaji Maharaj invaded the Panda fort and captured it. The old fort was built by the Muslim forces of Adil Shah and was conquered and destroyed by the Portuguese in 1549. The fort was rebuilt in 1675. Ponda fort is also known as a Shivaji fort. Now this fort has a statue of the Shivaji



Chapora_fort is located in Bardez. Chapora Fort is located above the Chapora River. The fort was built by Adil Shah, a Muslim ruler named Shahpura. It is a famous tourist palace in Goa. The fort was recently built-in 1717.


This fort is also known as Tivim Fort. It is located in the village of Tivim. It is also known as Forest Tivim. The area of this fort extends up to Colvale village. The fort was established in 1635 by orders of the then Viceroy of the Estado Português da Índia, D.The fort shows the effectiveness of both Portuguese and Hindu architecture. During the stay of the Maratha Empire on this fort, some parts of the fort were rebuilt based on the Maratha style. In 1739, it was taken over by the Maratha warriors and after 2 years it was recaptured by Luís Carlos Inácio Xavier de Meneses, 1st Marquis of Louriçal.


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