Gondal is a small town near the Rajkot district. Gondal is the princely state of Kathiawar. Gondal is Kathiawar Agency founded 1634 by Thakore Shri Kumbhoji I Meramanji from the Jadeja dynasty. Gondal State has been a pioneer towards the cause of Education since the time of Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji who ruled the state from 1869 to 1944. Gondal is part of Saurashtra. It is one of the best historical places in Saurashtra. Gondal is home to many historical palaces and the famous Swaminarayan Temple. It is the Maharajas’ of Gondal’s royal passion that has resulted in an exemplary and world-famous collection of vintage cars that are now part of a museum on the royal palace’s premises. On the side of Gondal is the legendary Khodaldham.  

visiting a place of Gondal 

Riverside Palace

Riverside palace was established in 1880. It was built by Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji for his son Yuvraj Bhojraj. Built-in the 1880s as the residence of the Crown Prince of Gondal. It is a converted royal heritage hotel. The colonial-style living room has antique wooden furniture, sofas, and a chandelier. They are available in antique Showpieces. It is the best place for history lovers. This palace is now a heritage hotel that is owned and run by the descendants of the Maharaja.

Navlakha Palace

Navlakha Palace is the oldest building in the Gondal, dating back to the 17th century. The large chandelier-lit durbar contains stuffed panthers, gilt wooden furniture, and antique mirrors. The Private Palace Museum has an exhibit of silver caskets that were used to carry messages and gifts for Maharaja BhagwatSinhji throughout his silver jubilee as ruler of Gondal. It showcases wonderfully carved arches, attractive balconies, courtyards, and beautiful spiral staircases apart from housing an enticing private museum.

Akshar mandir

Akshar mandir is a famous temple in Gondal. Akshar mandir is dedicated to Swami Gunatitanand—the first successor of Bhagavan Swami Narayan. Akshar Mandir is a pilgrimage in Swaminarayan Sampradaya. Here Akshar Deri’s place in the  Swaminarayan community.

The Royal Garages

The Royal Garages is located in Gondal. There are available royal vehicles. It is the best collection of vintage and royal cars. This collection also includes cars used during World War II.


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