Timangarh Fort

Karauli Is a village in Rajasthan.was formerly the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Karauli. Beautiful mansions in Karauli, captivating views, temples, an excellent house for printed umbrellas, etc. which attracts the tourists who come there. Karauli is famous all over the country for its pale red stone. This city resonates with Mughal architectural panache.

The modern princely state was founded by Ahir ruler Raja Bijai Pale in about 995. The kingdom of Karauli was established by Maharaja Arjun Dev Pale in 1346 CE. From then on the British rule occupied this and those people ruled till 1947.

Visiting place in Karauli 


City palace 

The palace was built in the 14th century but the current architecture dates back to the 18th century. The palace is famous for its classic paintings, carvings, and latticework. The 600-year-old artwork of the Durbar Hall in this palace is still clearly visible. Till 1938, the palace remained the official residence of the royal family. The big hall is equipped with all the basic facilities and was used by the royals to meet the commons.

Timangarh Fort

Timangarh was the center of the local states in the mid-12th century. The fort is named after King Timanpal. The palace was built in 1058 by King Timanpal of Banaya. The establishment of this fort is a unique sign of the ancient royal history of India. There is a belief that ancient octahedron, stone statues, and sculptures are hidden under the temples of the fort complex. Pictures of many gods and goddesses have been carved on the pillars of the temple

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

Bhanwar Vilas Palace was established by Maharaja Ganesh Pal Dev Bahadur in 1938. The palace was built by the king as the royal residence. The palace has recently been converted into a  heritage hotel.

Kaila Devi Temple

Kaila Devi Temple is located on the banks of the river Kalisal. There are hills around this temple. This temple was built in 1100 AD. The deity of this temple is considered to be one of the nine Shakti Peethas. Kaila Devi Temple organizes an annual fair every year. Millions of devotees come there too.


Gadhmora is considered to be the oldest village in Rajasthan. There is a belief that this village has existed since the time of Lord Krishna. The village gets its name from its king Mordhwaj.

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