Bhadarwah is a town located in the Duda district. It is located near Batote in the foothills of the Himalayas. The city was formerly known as Hetti Nagar. It is surrounded by thick coniferous forests and streams of Chinta flow through them. Bhadarwah is also known as ‘Nagaon Ki Bhoomi‘ or ‘Snake Land‘. Many different species of snakes are found here. This city is also called Mini Kashmir. The spread of flora and fauna, stony hills, snow-capped mountains, valleys, and the grasslands offer a natural exposure. The city also celebrates the 600-year-old festival Megha Pat which is the most famous festival there.

Visiting  place in Bhaderwah 

Seoj Meadow

Seoj Meadow is a diamond in the crown of Bhadarwah, the pride of the Jammu region. The grasslands of Seoj are connected by a beautiful river that rises from the hills surrounding Kailash Kund. Sage Meadow is traveled only on horseback. Paragliding is a special attraction of  Seoj.A favorite trek beginning from Bhaderwah to Seoj which extends further to Kailash Kund and then to Nalthi Village via Ramtund. 

Jai Valley

There are igloo huts in Jay Valley which attract the tourist who comes there. This valley is located at an altitude of 7000 feet. There are huge meadows here. Another nearby attraction is a beautiful sprawling meadow.



Space is located at an altitude of 10,500 feet. Padri is a “Gali ” undulating landscape, located 40 km. It is the highest point on Bhaderwah-Chamba road. In addition to the natural beauty, one can have thrilling horse rides on the meadow. Up to 5 meters of heavy snowfalls here which attracts the tourists coming there.

Chinta Valley 

Chinta Valley is a valley. It is a short distance from Bhaderwah city. It is also known as Chinta Nala. Its flow is covered with thick coniferous forests on all sides. The valley is located at an altitude of 6500 feet above sea level. Paragliding is a special attraction of mountainous areas but it is possible all year round except during the wet season.


Sunshine on one side of this place and fragrant winds from Kailash, Ashapati hills, and neighboring forests on the other side, are definitely different places in other places. The valley is watered by crystalline streams in the backdrop of forests covered mountains. On the southern end of Bhaderwah, lies the heavenly hamlet of Sartingal.


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