Kishtwar is a municipality in the Kishtwar district in the state of Jammu. It is known as the ‘Land of Saffron and Sapphire‘. Kishtwar has been inflected in the year 2007 and after that, on 01-04-2007, it started functioning as an independent administrative unit. Saffron It... more

Verna Springs – The most amazing place.  Springs is an invaluable gift of nature found in large numbers all over India. Due to its wonderful refreshing facility, Verna Springs is one of the famous springs and main tourist destinations of Goa. It is believed that the water of this spring has some... more

Sasan Gir is the best zoological park in Gujarat. Sasan is located near Junagadh. It is the forest area. It is the best place for an animal lover. Sasan Gir is the only place where Asiatic Lions live. Sasan Gir is famous for its lion. A lot of people come there from abroad to see... more

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