Verna Springs – The most amazing place. 

Springs is an invaluable gift of nature found in large numbers all over India. Due to its wonderful refreshing facility, Verna Springs is one of the famous springs and main tourist destinations of Goa. It is believed that the water of this spring has some medicinal properties that can cure joint diseases. The surrounding hills are covered with dense forests. This spring is also known as Kesarval Springs, which is located over the Verna Plateau. in its full length, you can see the sheer beauty of nature. 

Verna Springs

Verna Springs

It is hard to believe that Goa has an amazing view because People travel to Goa, especially for the beach. The site is located near Panaji, the capital of Goa, at an estimated distance of 22 km. 

As a herbal remedy

The Varna Spring cures some ailments in the human body, as compared to other springs. People who know about it visit there for their own treatment. it is seen to treat many eye and skin problems so local people often bathe in the falls. So this is the new natural way that is found through these springs.

The best time to visit 

For its magical healing power, Spring has a good reputation among the locals. People of all ages and especially the elderly come here to bathe in. It looks best in the monsoon season as spring comes out with full power. The water dries up and the flow breaks throughout the time of the summer months of April and May. 

The best season to visit the place is from June to September. The flow is high at that time and you can enjoy its real beauty. if you want to turn your idle moments into some quality time then Varna Spring is a great option. The waterfalls soothe our eyes and refresh our minds. This place is also great for photoshoot and adventure trips in nature.

The places declared as a natural treatment and a tourist spot which is enclosed with enjoyment, by the Department of state tourism. This place will make your trip an interesting one if you are adventurous. So now that you know about a place of wild nature with some herbal remedies, do not fail to visit here.

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