Sasan Gir is the best zoological park in Gujarat. Sasan is located near Junagadh. It is the forest area. It is the best place for an animal lover. Sasan Gir is the only place where Asiatic Lions live. Sasan Gir is famous for its lion. A lot of people come there from abroad to see lions. The carnivores animal group capitally comprises the Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, jungle cat, striped hyena, golden jackal, Bengal fox, Indian gray mongoose, and Ruddy mongoose, and honey badger.

Sasan Gir is also known as Gir National Park. Sasan Gir the largest and last home for Asiatic Lion. The park total area is 258 of the lion is found in the Sasan Gir.endangered animals Bonelli’s Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Crested Hawk-eagle, Pygmy Woodpecker, Vultures, Indian Pitta are some of the birds that can be seen here.

The local Maldhari community has lived here for establishment magnificently with the wilderness. With a long-standing history of human intervention, the relationship between the big cats and humans in the region is mixed. They sustain life themselves by grazing their livestock and harvesting what they need from the forest.

Most of the area is rugged hills, with high ridges and densely woodland valleys, wide grassland plateaus, and isolated hilltop. Around half of the forested area of the park is a teak forest. The other forested area is Amai, simal, khakhra and asunder jambu, umro, amli, vad and kalam.

Area’s of Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir is not only known for the lions living there but also for other solid animals like chital, nilgai, sambar, four-horned antelope, chinkara, and wild boar. There are many birds living in Sasan Gir. The buffer area around Sasan Gir is home to many colonies of Painted Storks, Spoonbills, Woolly Necked Stork, etc. and where lots of varieties of birds can be found in winter.

The area of Gir National Park was once the hunting ground for the Britishers during their reign in India and while hunting these great numbers of tigers and lions taken by several Rajas and Maharajas of the region, considered as a pride in the region. Currently, there is a ban on hunting animals by the Government of India.

It was the best jungle safari in the Sasan Gir forest. The one-day Picnic best place in Gujarat. Sasan Gir is open for tourists from October to January. The Forest department organized the “Lion show”.The forest department organized more activities like Bird Watching, Devaliya Safari Park, The Maldharis Tribe Visit, The Siddis Tribal Visit, Crocodile Breeding.

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