The city of Palitana in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat is famous for its Jain temples. The city was formerly known as Padliptapur which means the city of temples and “The place of victory against internal enemies “- Shatrunjaya.


Shatrunjaya – Palitana

The temples and places on Mount Shatrunjaya are considered sacred by the Svetambara Jains. It is said that excluding Neminath, 23 out of 24 Jain Tirthankaras make the mountain sacred. There are about 863 marble-carved temples in the mountains. Most are spread over nine clusters while some are huge temple complexes, while some are the smallest.

There are 108 names of Shatrunjaya but only some of them are used

Main Temple

The main temple is dedicated to Rishabhanatha, who was the first Tirthankar. To reach there,  you can go through 3500 steps. Or there are some people working to carry people up to the top by a dolly made of wood. People who can’t walk up the stairs are going by these people who have to pay some of the costs that are fixed on time.

Jains believe that this is what is needed at this place during one’s lifetime for salvation and nirvana. There is only one temple of Digambar Jains on the hills here.

Another god who is associated with this mountain 

Hingraj Ambikadevi is known as Jain Yakshini and the chief deity of that mountain is known as Hinglaj Mata. 

Not only that, but there is also a temple of a Muslim saint. The temple is believed to have been defended from Muslim invasions by Angar Pir in the early 14th century.

No one is allowed to stay overnight here as the city or temple was built for the deity. even the priest is not allowed to stay the night here.


In architecture are heavily and very richly ornamented and adorned which display exquisite architecture of the Palitana temple

The temple is built in such a way that sunlight transforms the marble structure into ivory.

Like a typical Hindu temple, This Tirth for Jains is primarily made out of marbles with tall and heavy pillars with a number of openings.

Geometric lace is designed in the interior. 

The roof is elaborately carved. It’s very beautiful and intricately carved from the umbrella cluster forms.

The Adishwar temple is considered to be the holiest of the 863 temples.

Other places list in Palitana to visit once 

Hastagiri Jain Tirth, Hastagiri Jain Tirth, Hastagiri Jain Tirth, Vishal Jain Museum, Vimalshah Temple.

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