Nakki Lake

The best mini-vacation destination is Mount Abu. Mount Abu is an all-time favorite place in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is a Paradise for Rajasthan. Mount Abu is located in the Aravalli Range. The only hill station in Rajasthan. The antique name of Mount Abu is Arbudaanchal. It has been popular in the summer of Rajasthan and neighboring Gujarat for centuries. The mountain forms a rocky plateau wide. The most high-rise peak on the mountain is Guru Shikhar. Mount Abu is embraced by lush green hills of the Aravalli range. There are many tourist attractions in Mount Abu.

Mount Abu is the land of many saints who were the most famous Vashishta sages. Sage Vashishta did penance there to destroy these demons. Mount Abu is considered to be not only a hill station but also an auspicious place. The Delwara Temple is a religious temple of the Jain community in Mount Abu.

The best-visited palace in Mount Abu 

Delwara Jain Temples

Delwara Jain Temples

Delwara temple is located on Mount Abu. The Delwar temple is a temple representing the Jain community. It is dedicated to the first Tirthankara, Adinath. There are five  Jain temples in Delwara. 





Nakki lake

Nakki Lake

Nakki lake is also known as a Nakki Jheel. surrounded by amazing natural wonders, this lake is truly a gem of Mount Abu. Nakki lase is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Nakki Lake is also popular for being the place where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi had been immersed. Gandhi Ghat has been constructed next to Nakki Lake.




Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar has located the Aravali range. It is the highest peak of the Aravalli Range. It is believed that Guru Dattatreya lived on Guru Shikhar, hence the name Guru Shikhar. A temple of Dattatreya has been built at the top of Guru Shikhar.




 Peace park Mount Abu.

It is the Brahma Kumaris ashram. Brahma Kumaris headquarters are located in Mount Abu. The hill of the Brahma Kumaris is also called the forest of honey. Brahma kumaris display the knowledge of lord shiva. Brahma Kumari center has more than 100 countries available. Brahma Kumari represents a symbol of peace.

Adhar Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple is altogether old and legend has it that ‘Adhar’ of the Goddess fell here. Adhar Devi temple is surrounding the forest area. Ascending the highest point of the temple takes you to see a good view of the forest today. Doodh Baori, a sacred well with milky-colored water near Adhar Devi Temple is believed to have heavenly powers.


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