Flea market


Flea Market is a good place for shoppers on the road. It is one of the best places for people to come to Goa. Goa is the best place to do this shopping. These markets are open from November to April. There are baby beers, handcrafted art pieces, junk jewelry, tattoos, scarves, Chrom chocolate wafers, hummus, or spices, all available in the flea markets of Goa.

 Flea Market in Goa

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna flea market is also known as Wednesday Afternoon Market. Also famous as the queen of hippie flea markets. Anjuna Flea Market is the most popular market in Goa. Dedicating multiple ranges of products from Kerala spices, to Kashmiri jewelry, wooden toys from Karnataka to Jimi Hendrix t-shirts, the market is a must-visit.


Saturday Night Market


The Saturday Night Market

The Saturday night market is located in Arpora. It is the Saturday night market. This place is not just a shopping place but for experiencing the true Goa vibe. It is a known Ingo’s, Night Market. This market is divided into three sections. Lower Field offers the usual cheap local clothing, footwear, hammocks, carpets, while Central Field is for having beer, spirits and wine bars, and food stalls with many of.

Mapusa Friday Market

The Friday Mapusa market is abundantly famous for handicrafts, textiles, clothing, spices, fruits, vegetables, meat, jewelry, antiques, and goan pottery. It’s also a great place to look for bargains on hand-making kunbi sarees, towels, pottery, antique items, and wooden furniture.


Mapusa Friday Market


Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s night bazaar is part of the Ingo night market. There is a unique experience of live music, lip-smoking food, and trendy shopping outlets simultaneously under the night sky. There are divided into three parts of this market: the first part of market one selling Indian clothes, then second one housing the bandstand, and then after the third part of market one filled with food shacks and stalls selling western clothes.

Calangute Bazaar

It is located near the Mandovi river. It is also known for its Tibetan and Kashmiri sections that test one’s bargaining skills. It is surrounded by innumerable shakes and stalls. This the ideal market to buy souvenirs from.This the ideal market to buy souvenirs from.


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