rishikesh-laxman-jhula Uttaranchal the state of India is a home attractions of all type like ancient Temples, Spiritual Places, historical monuments, world class architectures, beaches and so many others tourist places in North India. Rishikesh Attraction are just waiting for you to come and see the sights all of them on your trip to Rishikesh in the Uttaranchal. If you separate these tourist attractions by the region, you will find thousand of attraction in this region which includes Lakshman Jhula of Rishikesh. It is main attraction of Rishikesh.

Lakshman Jhula was built in 1939. In Vedic era Lakshman crossed Ganga on jute ropes between the places where this bridge is built. It is a major attraction among the tourists to Rishikesh. It is situated in Rishikesh Uttaranchal. The Ganges crosses this bridge.

Mythology have it that Lakshman, brother of lord Rama once crossed Ganges on a suspension bridge made of jute. The new bridge is said to be built on the same place of the famous bridge.

Ram Jhula the other suspended Iron Bridge was recently builds between Shivanand Ashram and Swarg Ashram. This Jhula is similar to the Lakshman Jhula. It is also called Shivanand Jhula of Rishikesh.

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